Smart Neck Hump Posture Corrector

Original price was: $53.00.Current price is: $34.99.


Smart Neck Hump Posture Corrector

Original price was: $53.00.Current price is: $34.99.

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Align your posture and say goodbye to chronic back pain!

The Ortorex Posture Corrector is innovatively designed to save you from the curved and aching back. It changes your body position, removing the pressure on your rib cage, and promoting blood circulation, good digestion, and easy breathing. Helping instill the habit of keeping a healthy posture, our device won’t cause irritation or chafing to your skin as it is made of food-grade silicone.

Pain prevention
Poor posture can cause headaches, spinal dysfunctions, muscle fatigue, and back pain. Keeping the proper back alignment, our device helps to increase energy levels and well-being, significantly reducing the risks of the conditions mentioned above.
Posture improvement
The Ortorex Corrector adopts a built-in chip and gesture recognition function that scans your posture. When you hunch over, it vibrates, indicating that you need to guide your body back to its correct position. In turn, your muscle memory learns to maintain good posture even when you aren’t wearing the device.
Self-image boost
Encouraging you to sit upright and alert, our device raises your confidence and self-esteem. A good posture creates hormones in the brain that make you feel more self-assured. In addition, a chin-up and breast-out position makes you look and feel confident on a psychological level.
Intelligent control

The Ortorex Posture Corrector displays the deviation angle for real-time monitoring.

Easy to use

Simply charge our device, put it on your shoulders and turn it on with a button push to start the correction.

Ergonomic contour

Our device is elastic, which makes it easily adjustable on your neck and shoulders.

More reasons to love our device
7.28x5.7x0.78 inch (18.5x14.5x2 cm)
0.19 lbs (90 g)
Rated input:
Rated power:
0.4 W
Battery capacity:
200 mAh
Power supply:
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  1. A****n (verified buyer)

    United States

    We got this for our daughter since we’ve been getting tired of reminding her to sit straight. It’s small and compact, hard to notice when she wears it. I can’t say she likes the idea of such a reminder but we noticed a significant difference in her sitting posture.

  2. F****r (verified buyer)

    United States

    I’m a teacher and have horrible posture from being hunched over on my laptop. I was excited to try this thing and it does a great job. I noticed I was much more aware of my posture just after one use. Great device.

  3. L***e (verified buyer)

    United States

    This has helped me be more aware of my posture. Pretty simple to use. I can already see my posture improving while working. Excited to see how it goes over the long term. Thanks.

  4. D****n (verified buyer)

    United States

    I was worried about this thing bothering my neck, but I hardly even notice it’s there. Very lightweight and convenient. Couldn’t be happier with the purchase!

  5. B**t (verified buyer)

    United States

    I bought this device for my wife who works from home and sits in front of the computer all day and she loved it! The device is light and really works. She uses it a few times a week and it’s a great way for both of us to pay more attention to our posture.

  6. C******e (verified buyer)

    United States

    I’ve always struggled with good posture and tried so many brace posture correctors but they were so uncomfortable. This one it’s so simple to wear and so easy to use. It’s almost unnoticeable! It works like magic and I have no complaints about it!

  7. S***n (verified buyer)

    United States

    Works well. I have never had problems with my posture corrector falling off or slipping. Quite comfortable to wear. Would buy again.

  8. T***r (verified buyer)

    United States

    This device is nice looking and easy to use. It buzzes a lot but I think that’s because I must slouch a lot. Great reminder.

  9. T***a (verified buyer)

    United States

    This smart posture corrector can monitor our spine. If we bend over, it will vibrate to remind us to stand straight. It also shows the neck angle tilt on the small display. So far, so good. Would recommend

  10. L***a (verified buyer)

    United States

    This device is very good, it can improve our posture in just 2 weeks and make us look healthier and more elegant. After these few days of using it, aches and pains in my neck and spine are reduced. This device is very helpful to maintain my health. It is also small, making it easy for me to carry it everywhere. Love it.