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At Ortorex, we pursue the goal of providing life-changing items to people who are interested in self-development and leading a healthy lifestyle. We offer a wide variety of product line with the focus on orthopedic goods to help improve people’s everyday life. Ortorex provides free shipping on every order, as well as great discounts and promotions.

As an affiliate for Ortorex you will earn 10-20% commission per sale — the biggest commission in the niche. We have a great conversion rate and offer a 30-day tracking cookie.

Program benefits:
Earn 10-20% commission on every purchase
A 30-day tracking cookie
High conversion rate

PPC bidding and SEO on brand name keywords is not allowed.

SEO traffic is especially welcomed.

Please feel free to reach out to us at affiliate@ortorex.com in case you have any questions or need further assistance.

Jessica B.
Customer happiness hero
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Medical Disclaimer

Individuals' medical conditions vary, and the use of our products is not guaranteed to be 100% effective for everyone.

If you're dealing with clinical disease or chronic pain, please consult with your physician for medical advice regarding your medical condition.

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