Bunion Corrector Splint Big Toe Straightener



Bunion Corrector Splint Big Toe Straightener



Restore big toe alignment, quickly and painlessly

The Ortorex Bunion Corrector protects soft tissue and the big toe joint from unwanted stress and offers a progressive correction solution. It relieves any discomfort and inflammation, allowing you to walk further and stand confident.

Ultimate comfort
The adjustable pad optimizes pressure distribution to give you a pleasant experience.
Pain relief
The Ortorex Bunion Corrector compresses your foot gradually and gently pushes the big toe back into its correct alignment over time.
Ergonomic design
The cotton inner layer of our product is sweat-absorbing and skin-friendly, the middle layer is elastic and breathable, and the outer layer is fitted for Velcro plush.
Gel separators

Reduces friction between the toes providing comfortable padding.

Adjustable straps

The anti-slip hook and loop design of the straps helps you sleep comfortably with the corrector on.

Bunion guard

Helps you wear form-fitting shoes.

More reasons to love our straightener
Durable Material