Over Door Neck Traction Device



Over Door Neck Traction Device




Stretch away painful neck and nervous tension! The Over Door Neck Traction Device offers simple, effective and fast physical treatment you can perform alone at home!

The Over Door Neck Traction Device is designed to provide traction to your neck, help to realign and stabilize vertebrae, and quickly relieve neck and spinal pain caused by stiff muscles and stress. It has proven effective in the treatment of a variety of conditions including pinched or compressed nerves, bulging or herniated discs, cervical spondylosis, nerve tissue and minor fractures of the cervical spine.

This traction device is a versatile, easy-to-use product, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of physical therapy in the comfort of your own home. The device makes it easy to do physical therapy exercises in any place with a door such as at home, in the office or even while traveling.

It’s very easy to operate. Just line the straps up with the notches and put your chin in the chin straps. The traction device provides a powerful support to relieve pressure on muscles, helping your neck and spine recover faster. Enjoy the experience when the traction device effectively stretches out your neck to release uncomfortable pain, stress and tensions, leaving you pain free.

✔️ PAIN RELIEF — Relieves pressure on muscle, nerve tissue, neck and spinal decompression and minor fractures of the cervical spine.

✔️ GOOD TREATMENT — Effective for physical Therapy, neck pain, arthritis, disc bulges, herniations, and more.

✔️ PORTABLE & ERGONOMIC — Lightweight, adjustable to fit on any door. Convenient for physical therapy exercises in places such as at home, office or travel.

✔️ EASY TO INSTALL & OPERATE — No tools necessary for assembling, used over the top of the door. Equipment design makes it easy to operate.

35 reviews for Over Door Neck Traction Device

  1. I have disc herniation at C6-7. I went to two different physical therapists.None of that helped much and was a big waste of insurance co-pay money. This thing is a AMAZING and worth every penny! I noticed great improvement after 3-4 days. I use it three times a day for 20 minutes each.It works!


  2. It relieved my neck problems for a short period. Highly recommend.


  3. Strong and safe product. Very easy to use. Affordable price. Highly recommended.


  4. My wife had been having problems with her neck. The pain had lasted a couple months and was becoming debilitating. For the price I thought it would be worth a shot. It was. She used it a couple times a day for a week or so, then cut down to once a day for 3 or 4 more weeks. Success. The pain is GONE.


  5. I use it every day. My chiropractor recommended it and it works great.


  6. Easy to set up. I find it really effective for my neck and back pain.


  7. This was fairly easy to set up and use. It helped my neck pain just as much as spending the extra to go to the chiropractor. The convience at home is wonderful. Worth buying!


  8. I have a pinched nerve in my neck and it helps relieve the pain. It works even better that the chiropractor.


  9. Eliminated my neck pain immediately and saved me from having to have surgery!


  10. I love it. With all the damage to my neck, this is a daily routine for me. I adapted it so it’s permanently mounted. So I can sit at my home office desk, and use it while working on my computer. 15-20 minutes a day. Awesome pain relief for my neck and damaged shoulder.


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