Gel Seat Cushion For Pressure Relief

$70.00 $34.98


Gel Seat Cushion For Pressure Relief

$70.00 $34.98


Say goodbye to lower back pain and feel the relief with Ortorex Seat Cushion!


Ergonomically designed Gel Seat Cushion provides maximum support and superior comfort while reducing pressure on the coccyx and tailbone, which can relieve lower back pain and help with most sitting pain due to sciatica, herniated discs, tailbone injuries, pregnancy, hip pain, hemorrhoids and pelvic problems caused by prolonged sitting. It combines soft sitting comfort with stable support to evenly absorb and dissipate body pressure.

The cushion is made of high elastic therapeutic comfort gel, which makes it cool to sit on and helps people who are in long sitting to deal with the steam heat. The gel cushion adopts a honeycomb design to circulate air, so it has good breath ability. Soft and elastic gel material eliminates uncomfortable pressure points in a natural way while long sitting so you can sit still for a long time without feeling tired. The cover of the cushion designed with a full breathability top fabric and a non-slip grip bottom. Zippered closure makes it easy to remove for washing and re-inserting.

The gel cushion can be used in various places such as the driver’s seat of a car, a dining chair at home or an office chair. It’s the great choice of a wheelchair cushion for seniors. Due to excellent flexibility, the cushion be squeezed back to the original shape immediately after stretching, it will always maintain its original shape and it won’t lose its support, even after a long term use, which makes it more durable than ordinary cushions.

✔️ BACK & TAILBONE PRESSURE RELIEF — By evenly distributing the weight across the surface of the cushion, it eliminates painful pressure points, conditions from lumbar strain, sciatica and others.

✔️ HONEYCOMB DESIGN — Promotes better air circulation, making the cushion stay cool even when sitting for a long time.

✔️ FLEXIBLE & DURABLE — Elastic self cooling gel material maintains its original shape durably, and it won’t lose its support even after long term use.

✔️ EASY CLEANING & PORTABLE — Lightweight enough to bring with you wherever you need to promote the comfort of office chairs, car or aircraft seats. Washable covering makes it very easy to keep the cushion fresh and clean.

34 reviews for Gel Seat Cushion For Pressure Relief

  1. This is a really great gel cushion. It is incredibly comfortable and is amazing for my back. I have a bad back and this makes sitting for long periods of time comfortable. And it comes with a cover so you can remove and wash easily. Great cushion!


  2. This cushion is extremely comfortable. I am much more comfortable sitting for long periods of time. I like that it has a washable cover.


  3. Bought this for my car for those long rides. Super comfy! It feels like I’m sitting in a cloud!


  4. I’ve been sitting on this for straight 4 hours and hip doesn’t hurt at all, before 2 hours my hip is already start hurting. this is very comfortable and great that it has a black cover for it, can be taken out for laundry and clean. I will be getting one more for office use.


  5. This turned my computer seat into a comfortable seat. I felt like I was getting hip spurs during my at-home work during this quarantine. So far so good.


  6. I work from home and this helps with the long hours sitting at the office chair. My chair is nice and comfortable but this brings another level of comfort. My body feels slightly less tired at the end of the day. I also like that it keeps the seat cool. It’s a nice upgrade to my office chair.


  7. This cushion is extremely comfortable. I am much more comfortable sitting for long periods of time. I like that it has a washable cover.


  8. This is a very comfortable seat cushion. I sit for long hours and my back really hurts. I put this cushion in my chair where I work and it really does seem to take some of the pressure off of my back.


  9. I bought it hoping that it would help, and my only comment is that I wish I had found it earlier. It is so comfortable and makes the chair much better to sit in for long periods.


  10. I purchased this for my office chair that did not have a great seat cushion. I have to sit for more than 8 hours a day and the chairs at work are only rated for 4 hours a day. This cushion made a world of difference!! If you are feeling pain in your tail bone or between your gluteus minimus and hamstrings then this is what you need.


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