Red Light Therapy Lamp



Red Light Therapy Lamp



Revitalize your body and mind with the power of light

The Ortorex Red Light Lamp utilizes red and near-infrared lights to penetrate the skin and stimulate cells and tissues. This promotes healing, enhances hair growth, aids in muscle recovery, and boosts collagen production, which results in improved skin and overall well-being.

Skin rejuvenation
The Ortorex Lamp promotes collagen production. It minimizes wrinkles, scars, redness, and acne. Moreover, it makes the skin more elastic and reduces uneven tone and dark spots.
Radiant hair
By increasing blood circulation in the scalp, red and near-infrared light allows for thicker, fuller, and healthier hair. Additionally, it helps improve the health of the scalp, reducing inflammation and promoting a favorable environment for hair growth.
Energy boost
Our lamp strengthens the mitochondria. Doing so, it increases energy levels and enhances well-being. This also promotes relaxation and helps sleep better.
Whole body coverage

Our lamp features 225 LEDs to improve the well-being of the entire organism.

Multiple positions

Our lamp can be hung horizontally, vertically, or placed independently.

Easy to use

Just plug it in, put on the goggles and sit at a distance of 0-78 inch (0-2 m) for 2-15 minutes.

More reasons to love our lamp
Energy Saving
Wide Coverage
12.2x12.2x1.3 inch (31 x 31 x 3.3 cm)
660 nm
Infrared Red:
850 nm
2.43 ibs (1.1 kg)
LED Count:
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  1. A***a (verified buyer)

    United States

    I am new to red light therapy, but I am already impressed! I bought this lamp to deal with sciatic pain. The pain has decreased. I hope that it will help me

  2. A**a (verified buyer)

    United States

    I heard that a therapeutic red light lamp promotes collagen growth. I decided to give it a try. After using it, my skin is soft and fresh. Thank You?

  3. C**a (verified buyer)

    United States

    I am pleasantly surprised by this magical device. I use it and notice how it increases my energy after each use. Great! I highly recommend this product!

  4. E**a (verified buyer)

    United States

    It is very simple and easy to use. The size is compact and I can put it in my room? The atmosphere that this red light lamp creates is very pleasant for me.

  5. S****a (verified buyer)

    United States

    I got this to use on my legs. It does produce some heat which definitely feels good. I have not used it as often as recommended daily so I can t speak about its healing ability. But my legs definitely feel better after each use.

  6. D****y (verified buyer)

    United States

    I’ve only had this lamp for a few days, but it is of nice quality and size. Looking forward to using this daily for relaxation and skin care.

  7. A**a (verified buyer)

    United States

    I highly recommend this red light therapy lamp to everyone. This light is easy to use on my feet, I can read a book while doing the therapy. Helps with the neuropathy in my feet!

  8. A***y (verified buyer)

    United States

    I’m definitely a fan of red light therapy! So happy I ordered this lamp. Within 10 days I saw a difference in age spots and wrinkles on my forehead. After using it daily, and the pain from arthritis has lessened! Highly recommend!

  9. P***t (verified buyer)

    United States

    There are many lights and all of them are bright enough and have been working for a month now. Nothing to dislike about this device. My wife loves using it twice a week before going to bed and says it’s helping her.

  10. M***a (verified buyer)

    United States

    Perfect little red light therapy sessions at home!! I use it for my face and my boyfriend uses it for his back and leg muscles!! We love it!!