Blue Light Blocking Glasses

(41 customer reviews)

$40.00 $19.97


Blue Light Blocking Glasses

$40.00 $19.97

(41 customer reviews)
  • Blue
  • Bright Black
  • Brown
  • Matt Black
  • Purple


Meet the most advanced eyewear engineered for the digital world.

ORTOREX™ Glasses employs two new technologies that provide a heightened layer of protection against digital eye strain:

Screen Protection
Filter blue light and eliminate glare; reducing digital eyestrain, headaches & improving sleep

SmartFocus Technology
Slight enhancement to the lower portion of the lens to help the eyes stay relaxed while using digital devices

Sleep Better at Night

Exposure to high rate blue light can impact your circadian rhythm and wreck your internal clock, causing insomnia. Wearing ORTOREX™ blue light filter glasses will improve your sleep, helping you sleep better  and wake up refreshed!

30 Day Trial

You have 30 days to fall in love with your Ortorex Glasses. Not loving it? Just contact us and we’ll organise your full refund.

41 reviews for Blue Light Blocking Glasses

  1. Awesome quality


  2. This was my second purchase and I’m so happy with these glasses! The quality is good and the glasses are very comfortable to wear. It doesn’t pinch my head even after wearing it for a long time and it makes my eyes feel less tired when using the computer. I recommend and will buy more in the future. Thank you store!


  3. Since I started wearing these glasses my eyes are fine, they don’t get tired anymore nor I have the burning sensation.


  4. I love that these are blue light blocking but they look like normal glasses!


  5. all is well . just like the picture describes. THANK YOU


  6. Simple yet effective, as a hardcore gamer my eyes would get soar and hurt after several hours, decided to give the glasses a go after being recommended to use them by a friend, can’t say anything bad, they are effective, not too expensive just wish there would be more sizes


  7. Love them thank you


  8. These actually made a difference. I work on my computer 9+ hours a day and have to stare at my screen for long lengths of time reading. My head and eyes would hurt so bad every night, making it impossible to do anything after work. Now I feel so much less foggy and much more alert. They’re actually really cute on too!


  9. Nice


  10. Student screen time eye fatigue -no more!


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