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Tongue Scraper



Keep your tongue clean with the ORTOREX Tongue Scraper!

Cleaning the tongue with the tongue scraper is essential for good oral health. This ergonomic device cleans the tongue of bacteria, dead cells, fungi, and undigested food. The ORTOREX™ Tongue Scraper removes toxins, called ama, from the surface of your tongue, which not only freshens your breath but improves digestion. So, using a tongue scraper reduces bad breath on the tongue, enhances the sense of taste, and gently stimulates the internal organs.

Our tongue scraper is made of stainless steel, is non-toxic, sterilizable, and much more durable than plastic ones. It will not rust or collect mold. Due to its stainless steel material, this tongue scraper removes toxins and prevents bacteria from growing on the scraper itself. The ORTOREX™ Tongue Scraper has two non-synthetic handles for good grip and an anti-gagging ridge for back-of-the-mouth cleaning. With a flexible but sturdy and smooth curve, it can easily reach the back of the tongue and effectively clean it. The ORTOREX™ Tongue Scraper has a comfortable size and is suitable for adults and kids. You can sterilize the high-quality metal without any hassle, and the cleaning process of this tongue scraper is quite easy. For best results, use it daily after brushing.


✔️ ELIMINATES BAD BREATH — The ORTOREX™ Tongue Scraper is the best remedy for bad breath. It will scrape away bad breath worries.

✔️ PREVENTS BACTERIA GROWING — Our stainless steel tongue scraper features antibacterial properties making it easy to remove toxins and prevent bacteria from growing not only on the tongue but also on the scraper itself.

✔️ IMPROVES DIGESTION — If your tongue is coated, it cannot signal the right digestive enzymes to digest food properly. Scraping your tongue is also a way of healing and improving your digestion.

✔️ IMPROVES YOUR SENSE OF TASTE — When you clean your tongue, you enhance your sense of taste.

✔️ REACHES THE BACK OF THE TONGUE — With a flexible but sturdy and smooth curve, it can easily reach the back of the tongue and effectively clean it.

✔️ EASY TO USE — The ‘U’ shape curved scrappers are flexible enough to twist and turn, scraping all the corners of your tongue.

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