Adjustable Cooling Laptop Stand

CAD $55.79


Adjustable Cooling Laptop Stand

CAD $55.79


Stay comfortable and productive over long hours

Designed by healthcare professionals, our stand will protect your wrists, neck, and eyes from strain and boost your productivity. With six adjustable level positions, you can easily find the height and angle for comfortable use.

Prevent overheating
With its hollow-cut design, the stand ensures excellent airflow, keeping your laptop cool and functioning optimally.
Sustain health
By adjusting the height to a comfortable eye level, the Ortorex stand reduces upper-body discomfort and is useful for extended laptop sessions.
Optimize workspace
Our stand features a minimalist design, conserving desk space while providing essential support.
Wide compatibility

Designed to hold laptops up to 16 inches.

Stylish design

The minimalist aesthetic makes a visually appealing addition to your workspace.

Solid construction

Constructed from robust aluminum, it can withstand up to 40 kg of pressure, ensuring long-lasting functionality.

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