Women’s Orthopedic Bunion Correction Sandals

$59.98 $29.96


Women’s Orthopedic Bunion Correction Sandals

$59.98 $29.96

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Dealing with irritating bunion pain and discomfort gets even more annoying when it comes to sandal season. Ease the pain without surgery and enjoy long walks with your perfect Orthopedic Bunion Correction Sandals!

These Orthopedic Bunion Correction Sandals featuring a stylish toe-ring design are specially developed with a three arch support and a soft sole to keep your feet comfortable, healthy and safe. The special big toe design effectively relieves bunion pain, improves foot posture and moves the angled toe bone back to its natural position while realigning the skeletal system for posture correction. A weak imbalance can lead to pains in the knees, hips and other muscles of your body. The orthopedic sandals help to prevent hips and muscle imbalances, knock-knee and bow-leg, and other future toe complications.

Three arch support design makes sure your weight is evenly distributed across the toes, arch and ball of your feet. One of the most innovative techniques used in this pair of sandals is the sole made by nano-foam – the next generation of memory soles which will transform to fit and comfortably hug your feet, where ever you go. The perfect combination of toe bunion corrector with flip flop wedge sandals allows you to hide your bunions in style while preventing toe overlap and poor bunion alignment. They are ideal for women suffering from bunions, flat feet, poor walking posture and plantar fasciitis.

✔️ PAIN RELIEF — Eliminate the pain caused by bunions, flat feet, poor walking posture and plantar fasciitis.

✔️ ANTI BUNION DESIGN — Special big toe strap relieves bunion pain, helps correct and realign them, and prevents bunions from forming.

✔️ POSTURE CORRECTION — Moves angled toe back to its natural position while realigning skeletal system for posture correction. Prevents hip and muscle imbalances and fixes knock-knee and bow-leg.

✔️ THREE ARCH SUPPORT — Evenly distribute the weight across the toes, arch and ball of your feet, making them feel more comfortable and steady.

✔️ SUPER COMFORTABLE — Provide ultimate comfort even while wearing all day long; they won’t hurt your feet, toes, or ankles.

35 reviews for Women’s Orthopedic Bunion Correction Sandals

  1. I ordered these in black. The fit, the comfort, the style.. did I mention the comfort. How can shoes that look so great feel so good. I LOVE THEM!


  2. This will be my one week wearing strive. I have a bunion and plantar fasciitis feet problem. And this is perfect for those who have same problem that I have right now.


  3. Love these sandals. They are comfortable and pretty. Maybe a little chunky for a short skirt but with my long skirts, a winner.


  4. The correction sandals appear to be just what I need, I have never been able to buy toe post sandals due to a foot issue, these seem to be perfect, they are also very soft leather and I ordered the black which will go with most outfits. Very pleased and highly recommend!


  5. It is a lovely sandal and fits quite well. I am very happy with mine and will purchase another pair in a dark color.


  6. Love this comfortable and supportive sandal! Great for covering up bunions.


  7. Been looking for sandals suitable for bunions for a long time, and these fit the bill perfectly. They hide bunions and give arch support. Extremely comfortable.


  8. Very nice sandals, they arrived very fast, they are like in the picture


  9. Love these sandals. I cannot wear traditional toe posts as I have a bunion on my right foot. I cannot normally wear sandals that are open at the back as I have dropped arches and normally wear inserts. These sandals do it all. The toe loop is comfortable and the footbed supports my arches. Winner all round. The sandals look good and are just so comfortable.


  10. These are fantastic, comfortable and so cute!


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