Nano Mist Spray Facial Humidifier

$40.00 $19.95


Nano Mist Spray Facial Humidifier

$40.00 $19.95


Use Nano Mist Spray to enjoy a refreshing mist anytime, anywhere! Or to keep you and your belongings germ-free!

The Nano Mist Spray that is exclusive with nanotechnology, produces the finest mist that immediately allows nutrients to soak-in and help tighten pores and refine the skin’s texture for a clearer, more radiant and healthy-looking complexion. It allows your skin absorb all the essential elements from mineral water at any time. If you have really dry skin or want to stay hydrated whenever and wherever possible, this is perfect tool for that. Using Nano Atomization Technology, the minerals are absorbed by the skin faster than ever before leaving it feeling soft, hydrated and refreshed. You can even use this mist spray to set your make up for a dewy finish and help it last longer throughout the day. The spray moisturizes your skin without damaging your makeup and gives a refreshed look any time. Besides, it’s perfect to use on the go. Enjoy this pocket-sized facial mister wherever you are, at the gym, from the office, running errands or even on a plane.

The Nano Mist Spray is the ultimate compact tool that combines an amazing facial moisturizer with a practical sanitizer. It’s both effective and efficient when it comes to killing germs. Mixing 75% water and 25% sanitizer makes the perfect sanitizing formula and saves you from buying sanitizers often. With a single push of a button, it sprinkles a mist that kills all germs around. You can fill it up with any disinfectant to create an effective cleaning and sanitizing solution.

Aside from washing and sanitizing our hands, it is also important to sanitize the things we often touch like mobile phones, keys, doorknobs, money, and other high-touch surfaces. By using the nano atomization technology and high-speed oscillation processes, the sprayer can dissolve molecular hydrogen into nanoparticles for deep cleaning and create mist that lands on any surface evenly. With it, you can disinfect electronics and every day essential items quickly and easily. The nano mist spray is intelligently designed and has a compact size so you can carry it anywhere with you especially when traveling. It will perfectly fit your bag, purse, or pocket. No more sticky sanitizer gel mess in your purse!

How to use:

1. Rotate counterclockwise to open the 30ml filling tank.

2. After opening, fill the water tank with natural mineral water for skincare or 75% alcohol-based hand sanitizer for disinfection.

3. After adding the liquid, turn it clockwise to tighten the mister tank.

4. Double click the power button to spay the mister to disinfect the things or enjoy .

✔️ MULTI-PURPOSE — Can be used as a facial mister and as a compact nano mist sanitizer.

✔️ DEEP MOISTURIZING — Nano atomization technology atomizes liquid into nano-sized small molecular particles, which can penetrate directly into the deep skin layer, achieving better absorption. It helps skin retain moisture, so your complexion looks more radiant and healthy.

✔️ INSTANT SANITIZATION — Sanitize your belongings and hands for quick and easy disinfection from bacteria anywhere and anytime. It helps to cleanse the everyday items you touch to minimize the chance of spreading germs: mobiles, keys, car, wallet, remotes, watches, laptops.

✔️ PORTABLE & LIGHTWEIGHTDesigned as a mini size, comfortable to handle, a must-have to keep on you for sanitizing throughout the day.

✔️ TRAVEL-FRIENDLY — Having a capacity of 30 ml, it’s conveniently portable and USB rechargeable which makes carrying it wherever you go hassle-free.

✔️ USB RECHARGEABLE — It can be recharged via the included USB cable. 


39 reviews for Nano Mist Spray Facial Humidifier

  1. What a nice little thing! Fits right into my purse. It has a strong but delicate mist that comes out, so you can sanitize your hands, your phone, keys anything, and it’s USB rechargeable.


  2. I love this little mister! Filled it with liquid Lysol and I use it everyday. I take it to work and mist off my workstation, use it in the car for my handles and steering wheel. Best little purchase ever!


  3. I liked that it was easy to use I put in mostly water then add some alcohol. I can sanitize my keys steering wheel shopping cart door knobs. It is small but does the trick. Can use it a couple days before charging again. Good product good price.


  4. The product is good quality and works as intended. I like to use it as a facial moisturizer throughout the day. Compact and very easy to use. Highly recommend!


  5. My skin gets dry every time I set my makeup. So I use it every time and it does not affect my makeup at all. The spray is so cool and refreshing without leaving your face or skin wet. Perfect for dry skin. Come in with a decent gift box, great gift for friend and family. Great product!


  6. I found this simple to use and compact but very powerful. The steam is very steady flowing and effective. It provides you with a very refreshing steam clean and helps to open your pores. Love it.


  7. Strong cool mist comes out instantly. The skin does feel moisturized with water mist wonderful


  8. Pleasantly surprised! It’s small, lightweight and the mist is very cooling. It’s small enough to put in toiletry or makeup bag to take wherever you go.


  9. I love using it, I replace water with rose water and it works just.


  10. Works exactly as expected. Delicate hydrating mist. Perfect for moisturizer or soothing skin. Easy to use and rechargeable. Reservoir holds enough water for extended use. Compact and travel friendly. I love to carry it with me on a hot day, so refreshing.


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