Heating Knee Shoulder Elbow Therapy

Original price was: $128.00.Current price is: $84.99.


Heating Knee Shoulder Elbow Therapy

Original price was: $128.00.Current price is: $84.99.

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Pain relief is one step away!

Ortorex electric heating therapy effectively relieves pain from tired and stiff muscles and joints. It can be used not only for the knees but also for the shoulders and elbows. Our heating pad provides excellent relaxation and comfort thanks to the safe heating function. This, in turn, boosts blood flow which can help benefit the heart and the body’s muscles and arteries throughout the body.

Universal use
Our massager can be used for warmth and hot compress treatment, which can effectively relieve fatigue, improve blood microcirculation, and speed up rehabilitation after injuries.
Spa-like effect
This electric heating massager provides a powerful vibrating massage. That makes you feel like you're at a spa and in a short time, you will get a spa effect in the comfort of your own home.
Free movement
The elegant, lightweight, and easily adjustable design allows you to wear the Ortorex heating massager wherever you go. You can freely wear it on a walk, during some games, and even while driving.
Adjustable settings

Vibration massage perfectly relaxes the knee, elbow, or shoulder. Meanwhile, the heating function boosts circulation. There is a possibility to enjoy the two functions at the same time or separately.


The heating pad can be wrapped and locked on a leg or arm of any size. It doesn’t slip off, and you no longer need to hold it by hand.

Anti-accidental touch function

When using the product, you can turn on the touch-protection mode to lock the control panel and avoid accidental key presses.

More reasons to love our heating pad
Overheat Protection
Easy to Use
Adjustable Straps
5000 mAh Rechargeable Battery
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  1. G****y (verified buyer)

    United States

    This heated, massaging wrap is very relaxing to use on multiple spots on my body! There are options for different massage settings and heating, so you could turn the massage feature off and just use the heat or vice versa!

  2. L***t (verified buyer)

    United States

    The strap is very comfy and sturdy. Heating and vibrating are both very easy to set, with 3 levels of each. My best usage is on my shoulders. It warms up to relax and relieve the pain. Very comfortable, would buy again

  3. S**t (verified buyer)

    United States

    The massage it gives is more like a vibration. It still feels nice but it’s not actually a massage. The braces are rechargeable, so there’s no need to worry about batteries and there is a velcro extension to accommodate larger knees.

  4. A***r G*****y (verified buyer)

    United States

    My profession is quite physically demanding, especially on my knees. After a difficult day, I needed something to ease my agony. I had to test this knee brace with heat massage that I discovered. It warms up rather quickly and gives cozy heat. Even though the massage only involves vibration, it does seem to be somewhat beneficial. I usually use this for approximately 20 minutes every day, and it seems to help with the discomfort.

  5. C**r (verified buyer)

    United States

    Excellent device, I liked it best on the third vibration option, which is sort of a pulsing vibration. Pretty impressive!

  6. S***e (verified buyer)

    United States

    Great buy! Easy to use, and the heat and massage combo is wonderful. For tired and aching knees, this works like magic to ease the pain and stiffness.

  7. M*****n (verified buyer)

    United States

    I’m so happy I bought this massager. The fabric is quite soft and feels good on the skin. It starts heating up the second you turn it on and it’s great. Works wonders for me.

  8. T***y (verified buyer)

    United States

    Love the heating function!! It works well and is easy to control. Helps me reduce my elbow and knee pain. Highly recommend

  9. A****y (verified buyer)

    United States

    I have various knee issues and am always looking for ways to ease pain and recovery. I got these mainly for the heating function to help soothe my knees. Love them, they help a lot. They’re wireless, so I can still get up and get something without taking them off/on.

  10. P***e (verified buyer)

    United States

    Nice massager. I love the velcro extensions to use on your shoulders, elbows or other. The heating mode is my favorite so far. Thank you