Weighted Blanket

Weighted Blanket

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Use the weighted blanket to ease stress and improve sleep!

If you feel extra stressed or you’re simply looking for a better night’s sleep, a weighted blanket is a solution. It’s both cozy and functional, mimicking the feeling of being hugged. Weighted blankets put the right amount of extra weight on your body to simulate light pressure. It provides just enough physiological calm to help you relax or get a good night’s rest. Weighted blankets are clinically proven to help increase the amount of feel-good hormones such as oxytocin and serotonin in the brain. Plus, they promote a decrease of cortisol, which is our stress hormone. This comforting feeling really affects our mood, making us feel happy and calm. It’s a great therapeutic means for anxiety-suffers, insomniacs, or just bad sleepers.

The benefits of using a weighted blanket:

  • gives a warm feeling of wellbeing and security
  • helps reduce or relieve anxiety
  • helps with insomnia or sleep disturbances
  • treats symptoms of autism, sensory processing disorder and depression

A weighted blanket is like a regular blanket, except it has glass microbeads stitched inside to give it some added weight when you pull it around you. The blanket is constructed with a quilted cotton cover and provides excellent breathability to keep you cool in the warmer months. But it also provides decent insulation when the outside temperatures drop. Grid-like stitching helps keep the glass beads evenly distributed throughout. The weighted blanket comes in 2 sizes for individual size and shared use (120x180cm / 48×72 inch, and 150x200cm / 60×80 inch). You can also choose from three weights (7, and 9 kg / 15, and 20 pounds). The weighted sleep mask comes as a bundle with your blanket purchase.

This blanket can be used not only during sleep but also when reading or watching TV. Throw it over your bed or couch when taking a nap, or just cuddle up with a film. 


✔️ EASE STRESS & IMPROVE ANXIETY — Provides pressure stimulation, similar to the pressure from a deep touch or a hug. Increases serotonin, a chemical in your body that makes you feel happy and calm.

✔️ SLEEP MORE DEEPLY — Promotes more restful sleep without breaking a sweat. Works better than any other relaxing bedtime routine, soothing you to sleep.

✔️ PROVIDES EXCELLENT WEIGHT DISTRIBUTION — Features double-stitched baffles for the beads to distribute their weight evenly across your body.

✔️ HIGH BREATHABILITY — Made from quilted cotton that’s naturally cool to the touch, it has temperature-regulating properties to help prevent overheating.


NOTE: We recommend choosing a weighted blanket that’s roughly around 10% of your body weight. Don’t worry about it being exact; within the 7-12% range is considered good.


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  1. M****a (verified buyer)

    United States

    Ik heb last van angsten dus daarom heb ik hem besteld. Het voelde eerst een beetje zwaar maar kort daarna begon ik me diep te ontspannen en viel ik in slaap zonder de gebruikelijke zorgen. Het is geweldig voor angst en slapeloosheid. Ik heb er net nog een besteld!


  2. W****w (verified buyer)

    United States

    Ik hou van hoe het me laat voelen! Vroeger werd ik ‘s nachts wakker, maar dat is niet meer gebeurd sinds ik deze deken heb. Ik slaap er zo goed mee!!! Als je een verzwaarde deken wilt, is dit echt een goede


  3. W****w (verified buyer)

    United States

    Ich liebe es, wie ich mich dabei fühle! Früher bin ich nachts aufgewacht, aber das ist nicht mehr passiert, seit ich diese Decke bekommen habe. Ich schlafe so gut damit!! Wenn Sie eine gewichtete Decke wollen, ist dies eine wirklich gute

  4. M****a (verified buyer)

    United States

    Ich leide unter Angst, deshalb habe ich es bestellt. Zuerst fühlte es sich etwas schwer an, aber kurz darauf begann ich mich tief zu entspannen und schlief ohne die üblichen Sorgen ein. Es ist großartig bei Angstzuständen und Schlaflosigkeit. Habe gerade noch einen bestellt!

  5. S****a (verified buyer)

    United States

    Super kuscheliges und weiches Gefühl. So glücklich damit.

  6. D****e (verified buyer)

    United States

    Ich bin ein schlechter Schläfer und bin ständig aufgewacht. Ich wusste nicht, wie beruhigend eine Gewichtsdecke sein kann!! Ich habe wirklich gemerkt, dass ich mit dem zusätzlichen Gewicht viel besser schlafe. Und mein Schlaf fühlt sich jetzt tiefer an. Sehr empfehlenswert!

  7. W****w (verified buyer)

    United States

    I love how it makes me feel! I used to wake up during the night, but that hasn’t been happening since I got this blanket. I’m sleeping so well with it!! If you want a weighted blanket, this is a really good one

  8. M****a (verified buyer)

    United States

    I suffer from anxiety so that is why I ordered it. It felt a little bit heavy at first but shortly thereafter, I started to relax deeply and fell asleep without the usual worries. It’s great for anxiety and insomnia. Just ordered another one!

  9. S****a (verified buyer)

    United States

    Super cozy and soft feeling. So happy with this.

  10. D****e (verified buyer)

    United States

    I’m a bad sleeper and I used to constantly waking up. I didn’t realize just how comforting a weighted blanket could be!! I’ve truly noticed that I sleep much better with the added weight. And my sleep feels deeper now. Highly recommend!