Smart Electric Octopus Head Massager



Smart Electric Octopus Head Massager



Relax your scalp for anxiety release!

The Ortorex Octopus Massager allows your head to get hands-free relaxation. Featuring 10 vibrating heads, it provides multi-point acupuncture therapy. Our device mimics the movements of a real masseur’s hands in the comfort of your own home. Such a technique assists in easing tiredness and muscle soreness. Moreover, our massager allows music playback via Bluetooth to help you calm your nervous system.

Pain relief
The gentle TMS vibration used on the scalp increases blood circulation. This enhances oxygen and nutrient delivery to the brain, alleviating migraines and headaches.
Focus boost
The Ortorex Smart Massager stimulates the scalp muscles and nerves. During the procedure, the nerves send signals to the brain, which has a positive effect on memory and attention span improvement.
Sleep improvement
Using our device before going to bed has a positive effect on sleep quality. This reduces stress and anxiety and makes it easier to fall asleep faster.
Ergonomic design

The Ortorex Massager matches the shape of the head and provides its full coverage.

Adjustable intensity

Choose between the four modes to get personalized therapy.

Flexible material

The heads of our massager can be easily expanded to suit different scalps.

More reasons to love our massager
Auto Shut-off
USB Power Supply
0.53 lbs (240 g)
6.3x6.3x6.3 inch (16x16x16 cm)
Battery capacity:
500 mAh
53 dB
Power supply:
USB Type-C
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  1. A***a (verified buyer)

    United States

    The scalp is not harmed by it. It doesn’t scratch. I like that it has different speeds. The massager works well for a light head massage. If applied before night, the pressure is ideal for the scalp and undoubtedly promotes sleep

  2. V****r (verified buyer)

    United States

    I was searching for a head massager for my mother, who has horrible migraines sometimes. I’m glad I found this one for her. I love it too. I will certainly get one for myself! She has been using it on her scalp in the morning and before bed. She said it reduced the tension and relieved her pain, surprisingly it even helped her sleep better! It’s safe and easy to use.

  3. D**e (verified buyer)

    United States

    I would say this is an amazing massager! I use it on a daily basis for around ten minutes for scalp massage. It gives a deep massage feel to my scalp. Love it and highly recommend it!

  4. H***y (verified buyer)

    United States

    Worth every penny!! Vibration travels through legs and shakes them, which transmits the vibration but also causes gentle kneading. I get terrible migraines and sinus headaches, and this massager really helps to stave them off.

  5. L****a (verified buyer)

    United States

    Simple smart design and love that it is rechargeable and that it keeps a charge for a long time. Good for headache relief and relaxation. Would buy again

  6. C***a (verified buyer)

    United States

    Satisfying sensation, similar to using a manual head massager. It massages at random locations/patterns. Sits comfortably on my head and on my son’s. Very soothing!

  7. K****l (verified buyer)

    United States

    This is so easy to use and super comfortable. It slips onto your head easily and doesn’t squeeze, but stays in place rather well. Would recommend!

  8. N***e (verified buyer)

    United States

    I love this vibrating massager. The ‘fingers’ don’t move. They have rounded tips that produce a pleasant vibration in varying patterns. The fingers are flexible and comfortable. It fits on my husband’s head as well as it does on mine. He likes it too. Very comfortable for both of us.

  9. M****t (verified buyer)

    United States

    Nice and gentle head massage while remaining hands-free! I like using it before going to bed. Very relaxing

  10. A**a (verified buyer)

    United States

    I wasn’t sure what to expect, it’s kind of a weird feeling. None of the pads move, but each one vibrates. But it helps my migraines really well.