Affiliate Program Terms
The Ortorex Affiliate Program Agreement applies to your participation in our Affiliate Program. These terms are so important that we cannot have you participate in our Affiliate Program unless you agree to them. If we update or replace the terms we will let you know via email.

I. Participation in Program
Once you complete an application to become an Affiliate, we will review your application and notify you whether you have been accepted to participate in the Affiliate Program, or not.
If you are accepted to participate in the Affiliate Program, then upon notification of acceptance, the terms and conditions of this Agreement shall apply in full force and effect, until terminated, pursuant to the terms set forth below.

II. Obligations of Ortorex™
Ortorex™ reserves the right to accept or reject any Affiliate Program Application in a sole and absolute discretion.
Upon acceptance into the Affiliate Program, Ortorex™ will provide a Referral Link to you. A “Referral Link” means the hyperlink you utilize that directs your end users to the Ortorex™ Site. We will track customers who subsequently execute and complete a money transfer transaction with Ortorex™ via the Referral Link.
Ortorex™ will pay you Commission for each new Customer who completes a Customer Transaction after clicking on an Affiliate Link made available by you.
The Affiliate only be eligible for a Commission payment for any Customer Transactions that derived from Affiliate Links generated by the Affiliate Link that we make available to you.

III. Affiliate Obligations
The Affiliate should strictly adhere to all applicable laws, regulations and good industry practice, as well as these Terms, in conducting their business, in particular in marketing and advertising the Service and the Program.
The Affiliate shall market and advertise the Program and the Service diligently and in goodwill, and shall develop, operate and maintain their website and referral links, at their sole expense and risk.
The Affiliate is prohibited from promoting Ortorex™ in a way that requires a potential customer to perform an action in order to receive a reward, gift, or other compensation as result of their action.
The Affiliate is prohibited to promote illegal, prohibited or unsuitable websites such as coupon/discount sites, email spamming, or any other websites that could reasonably cause confusion among users.
The Affiliate is prohibited from advertising wrong information.
The Affiliate shall not create, publish, or distribute any advertising, marketing materials or other public communication without first obtaining our express written consent.
Feel free to reach out to us at

IV. Term and Termination
The term of this Agreement will begin upon our acceptance of your application and will end when terminated by either you or us. Either party may terminate this Agreement at any time, with or without cause, by giving the other party written notice of termination. Upon termination of this Agreement, any and all licenses granted hereunder shall terminate immediately. You shall immediately stop using the Referral Link and all Ortorex™ Marks together with any other materials provided or made available to you under this Agreement. All rights to payment, causes of action and any provisions that by their terms are intended to survive termination, shall survive termination of this Agreement. Ortorex™ will not pay any Referral Fees to Affiliate for any Qualifying Transactions conducted by a Client after the effective date of termination.
The program may be terminated for any of the following reasons:

  1. Fraud or misleading dvertisements
  2. Spamming emails
  3. Promoting on illegal, unauthorized or prohibited sites
  4. Violation of intellectual property rights.
  5. Offering rebates, coupons, or another form of promised kick-backs from your affiliate commission as an incentive.
  6. Self-referrals, fraudulent transactions, suspected Affiliate fraud.